How to prevent Shammos from dying in Hoblin PQ

For the higher level characters, it’s very easy to complete the Hoblin PQ but for the lower level characters, the mobs in the Ice Ravine deals 9xx damage on them and the mobs are able to attack Shammos because they can’t 1-2hit KO the mobs. So actually there’s one way to prevent Shammos from dying.

Before you start the Hoblin party quest. Every party members have to gather at El Nath: Chief’s Residence. Party leader will have to click on the NPC Shammos to start the party quest. When you click Shammos, there’s 1…and 2…

Normally we click the 1 to start the party quest but if you click on 2, Shammos will give you an Empty Bottle for Ancient Glacial Water.

Head to the Ice Ravine Entrance ( the place where you start Hoblin Party Quest), go to >>>upper right, there’s a rope, climb up there and go into the portal. And then you’ll see the floating rocks. Jump onto the rocks when they come to you. And move to another platform. *THERE ARE MONSTERS ON THE PLATFORM, SO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T FALL*

Click on the Glacial Water and you’ll get the Ancient Glacial Water, make sure you have an empty slot in your USE iventory.

Whenever you feel like Shammos is dying, use this and it can restore Shammos’s health.

More information about Hoblin Party Quest and the prequest, please visit


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