FML; Tired

Days ago I got into a fight with my bf. Like seriously, come on? It’s not even what I meant and then a small matter you make it like a world end. WTF? That day I wasn’t angry, until today I really cannot withstand all these shits anymore. I’ve done more than one hundred of things to make everything around me better but since you guys think that all I do is shits. So..I’m not doing anymore. I’m not joking. I AM NOT DOING SHITS ANYMORE.  Not even a thing. I don’t fucking care anyone’s feelings now. It’s time to care MINE! I cared about you guys’ but what did you do? All you did is scolding FUCK, FUCK OFF, GOTO HELL, KNN, CCB, NB, all the shits.

Let me say here one more time.

I’m so fucking tired of trying to make things better. I know all of you are saying that all I do is SHIT and SHIT and more SHYTS. These days , I’ve been thinking what have I been doing all these times. I wasted my time on some people and they just fucking turn their back on me. I explained and I apologized for times but what’s the use? People still put the fucking blame on me. Like every single problems come from me. You fucking use your brain think what you did la. This is who I am, don’t try to change me or talk cock to me! Just fuck off if you don’t like it.Yes, I do shits, so? What you do? You do lj things also. You don’t have the right to judge me. Before you point your finger at me and start scolding, pls look at yourself 1st, If you are a better person than I am, keep going. If not. SHUT THE FUCK UP! 


I just wanna smash everyone’s head and YOU will become like THIS.

<< Want to? You fucking come here and piss me off and see what will happen.

I can’t take it anymore! YOU SAID YOU CAN’T TAKE IT AND YOU’RE MAD YOU’RE EVERYTHING, YOU’RE PUTTING ALL THE SHIT EMOTIONS ON YOUR FACE, SO WHAT?! I have feelings too! I got a limit too! You NEVER even care. I am the ONLY ONE who keep apologizing, and all you do is waiting for me to do shit face to you and i fucking see your lj face everytime! I swear I won’t touch all the shits from now on! You guys see and do shits la.

I’m so tired..really tired..Sick of saving all the bad situations and getting blame from someone else and being told I’ve caused a scene. I’m not even the one who caused the mess. It was someone else.. I am always the one who gets all the blames.

The more effort I put, the more shits I get. So, what’s the point of continue being a kind soul? I said I’ve got hurt enough, I don’t want to get hurt in the rest of my life anymore. This is all I have now. If you want to take it away, you fucking kill me 1st.

I have exams 2moro until 26.5 yet, I chose to solve the problems and then all I get after wasting so much time for shits is just..GETTING BLAME. AGAIN. See? No point.


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