Random potential item Screenshot

Okay you see. We all know that after the potential thingy join us in MapleSEA, everybody is throwing their $$ in Maple, cubing, buying potential things. Then.. We got different type of potentials =] got Stat % larh…Decent skills, anything even the HP and MP % or +. And..even the MOST CREATIVE thing. o.o

% chance to feel angry/fall in love/enraged/sad when attacking. Then, you will start making those stupid faces when you’re attacking mob.

So, I saw this in FM, I not sure if anyone seen that before, but this is weird o.o

Seriously what’s the %d%% + 30 thing o.o??? Anyone know what’s that? =]

Okay, here’s another random screen shot. Ignore the buddy chat 😛 Just look at the guild chat. I just equipped the fairy’s pendant, then my guild mate said that  =_= like..only 3 secs different.

Happy Mapling, Maplers =] I have to do revision now >< 2moro start exam and the exam last for 2 weeks! I’ll see you guys 2 weeks later =] Whoever login to my cha and didn’t say HEYYYYYYYYYY when you call my name, then it’s not me. =] Okay? I’ve passed my character to someone else. If you wanna reach me when DevilChamby is online but it’s not me, you can try whispering coolbluex3. I might be there.


5 comments on “Random potential item Screenshot

  1. Doesn’t your blog comments have a reply button?
    I thought i saw one on your blog?
    Or was that Chamby.me ?

    Oh wells, they’ll fix it in the next patch, if enough people report it :p

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