My 1st samurai

Bought 2x exp coupon from cash shop and was training at skele with Jamie.

 Then a bishop came and left,he/she said exp too slow o.o Why is he/she still training while he/she already lv200.

Then I went Duku at night..8:xxpm

 Gratz myself Lvled.

And then AliersonBow suggested > go Bigfoot / samurai. He just went there and never even surf bigfoot, he just slack there and command us as if we’re his dogs.

Winter found samurai, so we headed there but AliersonBow DIDN’T attack, oh yea, like just Storm Arrow once or twice and then he stopped, go back there slack and talk to his little friend over there while I was solo-ing. That kind of feeling is really terrible as my damage is not high and I’m a bit laggy.

WinterRrJ can’t attack, I don’t blame her because she did her job > hb us. And then what about the others? Just slack there and talk. ” Omgomg, so dangerous! I will DIE!!! DIE DIE! F5″

zzz. Die don’t come la. wtf? AliersonBow called TaintedFatal, he said can down very fast =X but then it seems like..that guy just come in and TOMB TOMB TOMB.

Then I decided to call Colby.

And he’s actually a good helper. He NEVER complain like>” wa, why only me attacking, the others slacking.”

Gratz us downed samu. This is my 1st samurai and thanks Colby for helping me killed it 😛

 That guy between us. NexusBladez just leecher( AliersonBow’s cousin who keeps TOMB).

Today got many ppl Lv.200 hor. Seems like everyone chiong-ing Lv.200 before big bang patch 😛

I do visit Skele, UGCelight. All the time 😛


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