MapleStory Helmets Collection

MapleStory Boss Helmet Collection Autumn/ Winter 2011 F3

1st job, we can get a hat for our very own job:

Bowman Horse head =_= The eyes are shining O.O! The teeth…I think need to visit dentist soon. Might as well get braces like me. The horn, too long, need to potong potong (cut) abit =X The hair is so in-to-date. Someone say looks like..South Park =X

Thief This is cooler. Horse? Again?o.o Spotted: two little teeth. That’s so funny -_-

 OMG DOG?! it’s a dog?!!o.o

SpamUrLj: MMA bank robber!

Okay, next.

Magician I wanna puke when I see this! HAHAH! what the hell is this? what’s wrong with the eyes seriously? Like kena punch at the eye and the eyeball dropped out or..dropped back in there =_= ROFL! Or..Copy Mr.Bean’s teddy? (X.X) Let’s look at someone else’s comment 😛

 Ice cream cone?o.o

                  Aww poor thing, you look like a monster because of that hat.

Warrior Looks like an owl on someone else’s head and that someone else just came out from jungle after trapped in the shitty jungle for days.

This is what others see..



Pirate I am confused. Male or Female?o.o The yam chin, like pervert =[ as if saying ” MIEHEHEHE,I’m going to peep someone else! Cat? =_= Or sailor moon POOPOO.

Now..we got a..combination of Evil Eye, Wild Boar and Zombie Mushroom helmet.

 it’s called Wild Eye’s Gas Mask. Trust me, I won’t be wearing this helmet unless you give me 600million mesos =_=

This is so disgusting?I mean come on?! What is this?! A wild boar face with an eye, 2 wild boar tooth at left and right and a Charm of undead on the head -_- This is so wrong! Too ugly to be in this world!

<< someone said it’s the best!

Lv.50 Zakum Helmet.

 OMG this is like a Buddha thing =_= The circles behind my head…The extra eyes above my eyes…The 8 legs/arms behind my ears! The ‘Devil Halo‘ behind my head makes me feel like I’m already dead =X

When your level gets higher, your equipments certainly gets better 😛 Not only stats, also the LOOK! I bet everyone would like to look good with the Maple Items, not after equip the Maple Cash Items.

Well..You can get these when you’re Lv90 =]

They are available for ALL job.

Scarlion Boss Hat.

 The nose and round eyes are just so cuteeee,plus the little ears! Opps. Tiger: No eyes see! I am cute-er.

Targa Hat.

 Tiger: Friend!

DevilChamby: *evil laughs* HEHE! ( OMG, my ear >< )

Also, there’s an event thingy, where you can get Ravana Helmet from Golden Temple!

 Lv.70 ravana helmet. Looks like Thai thai thingy SAWADEKKUPPPPP! O.O Sorry if I say it wrong =_=and the eyes just like Vampire o.o looks evil…

Here comes the end =] *This is just a piece of crap ><*

Credit goes to everyone! Thanks for the questions and the answers and the SS-es , EVERYTHING! I ❤ Maple and Maplers! ❤ you all.

If you have any comments about the helmets, pls Click>Leave A Comment and let me know whatcha think 😛


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