Last week, my buddy- SparrowSpasm aka Keith asked if I wanted to play AikaSEA with him. SO..why not? Just try and see if it’s good? =]

So..Days ago I created an account and registered the IGN : Chamby. I chose Dual Gunner because it’s a girl o.o and..looks cool with 2 guns. xDD Every characters are sexy…a ‘little bit’ exposed and also, the gender comes with the job, it’s unchangeable.

If you play AikaSEA, buddy me? o.o

I’m still trying to figure out how things work in there. but =_= hmm, I’m stupid, keep walking around and can’t find any entrance to training fields/ maps with monsters/ where I can train o.o Keith told me PvP is available too. But I hate PvP because I sucks in it. Everytime also I die =_= 100% CONFIRM!

So, this is how I look in the game.

You can’t change your gender but you can change your eyes/hair style/face shape. The reason why I chose this colour is because I can’t dye my hair into this colour in real life 😛 My mum will burn my hair if I did.

And here’s the intro.

Give you a sexy back 😛


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