Event Period: 29 November 2017 ~ 19 December 2017

Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)

Start the event quest by clicking on Star icon > “Puss-In-Loots” image. Accept the quest [Event] The Story of Puss-In-Loots.

bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-11-727

You will obtain a “Summon Puss-In-Loots” set-up item which can be toggled ON/OFF. You need to complete the daily missions and get basic reward for each Balance Point. Upon completing the daily missions, you will receive Balance Points to customize your Puss-In-Loots appearance. You will also get additional reward based on the number of daily missions completed.





Each Balance Point daily mission will require you to complete different tasks. Below are the summary of the missions.

bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-16-306


Drinking Sweet Balancing Drink:

  • Receive this Sweet Balancing Drink from Meow and stay online for 30 minutes. bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-26-336

Rewards: 50 Mileage coupon, 2X EXP Coupon and a Puss-In-Loots Help ATT/M.ATT buff.
    → Additional reward for completing the quest 5 times: Puss-In-Loots Whisker 

bandicam 2017-12-02 15-02-12-057

Puss-In-Loots Whisker

    → Additional reward for completing the quest 10 times: Puss-In-Loots Hat 

bandicam 2017-12-02 15-02-13-664

Puss-In-Loots Hat

    → Additional reward for completing the quest 15 times: Puss-In-Loots Tail 

bandicam 2017-12-02 15-02-14-550

Puss-In-Loots Tail

[Boldness] Puss-In-Loots: Boldness Mission:

  • bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-39-651bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-41-022
  • Defeat 3 types of boss monsters from the following list:
    Zakum (El Nath)
      Horntail (Leafre)
    √  Hilla (Azwan)
      Pierre (Root Abyss)
      Von Bon (Root Abyss)
    √  Crimson Queen (Root Abyss)
    √  Vellum (Root Abyss)
    Von Leon (El Nath)
    Arkarium (Temple of Time)
    Magnus (Helisium)
    Cygnus (Ereve)
    Kawoong (Omega Sector)

Rewards: 100 Mileage coupon and 3 Mysterious Meso Pouch. 
    → Cat Face effect for customizing your Puss-In-Loots. 
    → 15th mission completion: Puss-In-Loots Medal

Additional Rewards: 

(i) Completed 5 “Boldness” daily missions 
    → Boss Damage +5% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item. 
(ii) Completed 10 “Boldness” daily missions 
    → Boss Damage +10% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item. 
(iii) Completed 15 “Boldness” daily missions 
    → Boss Damage +15% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item. 

[Endurance] Puss-In-Loots: Endurance Mission:

  • bandicam 2017-12-02 00-01-56-895
  • Simply hunt 500 monsters around your level range to complete this mission.

Rewards: 2 2X EXP Coupon (15 Min) and 2 Drop Rate 2x Coupon (15 Min). 
    → Cat Accessory effect for customizing your Puss-In-Loots. 
    → 15th mission completion: Puss-In-Loots Ring 

bandicam 2017-12-02 15-02-15-576

Puss-In-Loots Ring

Additional Rewards: 

(i) Completed 5 “Adventurousness” daily missions
→ Physical/Magic ATT +5 granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.
(ii) Completed 10 “Adventurousness” daily missions
→ Physical/Magic ATT +10 granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.
(iii) Completed 15 “Adventurousness” daily missions
→ Physical/Magic ATT +15 granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.


  • Complete the mission by clearing the following contents 2 times:
    (i) Monster Park (Level 105+)
    (ii) Nett’s Pyramid (Level 80+)
    (iii) Dimension Invade (Level 140+)
    (iv) Ghost Park (Level 125+)
    (v) Bounty Hunter Polo and Frito

Rewards: Polo & Frito Admission Ticket and Monster Park Reborn Free Admission Ticket.

→ Cat Pattern effect for customizing your Puss-In-Loots.
→ 15th mission completion: Damage Skin – Puss-In-Loots

bandicam 2017-12-02 15-02-17-027

Damage Skin – Puss-In-Loots

Additional Rewards: 

(i) Completed 5 “Endurance” daily missions
→ Critical Damage +5% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.
(ii) Completed 10 “Endurance” daily missions
→ Critical Damage +8% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.
(iii) Completed 15 “Endurance” daily missions
→ Critical Damage +10% granted on the Summon Puss-In-Loots set-up item.


Have fun meowing !


Hieizan Temple and Princess No

To enter Hieizan Temple, you must be at least Level 140.

Receive the quest  “[Sengoku Era] The Hieizan Temple Experience” from Star Icon Notifier.

Task: Complete the Hieizan Temple roleplaying dungeon storyline as Hayato, Kanna and Ayame (all 3)

Reward: Hieizan Storyteller Medal and 3 equipment from the different jobs you roleplay.

maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-39-508 maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-33-085

maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-46-226maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-51-149 maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-55-988


Receive the quest, go to Momijigaoka through Zipangu via Dimensional Mirror.

Enter the temple on the left in Momijigaoka.

temple entrance

Then begin your quest by talking to NPC Takeda ShingenNPC Takeda Shingen


Quest 1: Hunt 30 [100 Magic Spells for Oda Warrior]

quest 1

Quest 2: maplestory 2014-12-18 21-30-48-402 

30 Waste product of corrupted spirits from maplestory 2014-12-18 21-35-04-818 

Then find a plant that looks like thisstage 2 in the map.

Drop the waste product 1 by 1 on the plant, until it grows to stage 3. maplestory 2014-12-18 21-47-52-280

Click on the plant and you’ll get the quest item you need. maplestory 2014-12-18 21-51-09-053

Quest 3: maplestory 2014-12-18 21-53-09-600

maplestory 2014-12-18 21-53-50-035


Go through the tutorial (it’s REALLY long)

Enter the temple again and talk to NPC Ayame to receive maplestory 2014-12-18 22-01-09-220 

Choose who you want to be (Hayato, Kanna, Ayame) and roleplay the job in the tutorial which you’ll be doing LOTS of quests.

maplestory 2014-12-18 22-03-41-773

After completing the quest, talk to NPC Ayame again.

maplestory 2014-12-18 22-45-00-203

Receive the potion 3 times and roleplay all 3 jobs.

maplestory 2014-12-19 00-02-23-628 Once you’ve completed all the quests given by NPC Ayame, NPC Princess Sakuno will give you a new chain quest.

Will of the Five Planets (5 parts)

PART 2: Get Moon Sand from Giant Moon Bunny moon bunny

maplestory 2014-12-19 00-02-53-978 

PART 3: maplestory 2014-12-19 00-08-27-259

Go to Mushroom Shrine and talk to NPC 100-Generation Blacksmith100-generation blacksmith

maplestory 2014-12-19 23-28-47-560

PART 4: maplestory 2014-12-19 23-34-42-780

Enter Hidden Shrine through a tent in Momijigaoka  

maplestory 2014-12-19 23-36-51-969 

There you will find Hayato. Talk to him and you’ll get the quest item. hayato

PART 5: Go to Cave of Pianus and summon the Gold Fish using the Fish Bait given. (drop fish bait at the pot)

cave of pianus

Go back and complete the quest, you’ll get a new skill (vary upon jobs)

Mars skill

Now you’re able to talk to NPC Ayame to defeat Princess No’s alter ego and the real Princess No.

maplestory 2014-12-20 00-01-10-134

Defeat Princess No’s alter ego: to get a key to the real Princess No.

Guess that’s everything. 😡 sorry if I missed out some parts or info

coz the quests are really confusing.

Christmas in Maple 2014

Ho-Ho-Ho! It’s that time of the year again 😀  It’s Christmas!


Happyville is back! You can access through Dimensional Mirror.

image PART 2 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

You will get FREE Christmas costume daily when you login to the game.


How to?  Click on Star Icon Notifier and accept the quest “Everywhere it’s Christmas!“.

PART 3 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Collect Santa’s Shinning Boximagedropped by monsters.

How to? By hunting monsters whose level are 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than your character.

What’s in Santa’s Shinning Box?


PART 4 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Invasion of Delinquent Rudolphs!


How to? Kill on sight! (spawn everywhere)

You can get Rudolph’s Shinning Box after killing them.


PART 5 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Decorate the Good Ol’ Christmas Tree!


1. Go to Happyville and find the Christmas Tree.
2. Click and submit the Mistletoe image to the Christmas Tree.
3. Each 100 of Mistletoe submitted will level up the Christmas Tree. Total 400 Mistletoe needed per day.
4. Once you completed ‘Decorate the Christmas Tree’, you will receive a reward from Cassandra.
5. Each Character can only decorate the Christmas Tree once per day.

How to? 

By hunting monsters whose level are 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than your character.

Rewards: (one of the following items)

• Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
• Special Potential Scroll
• Incredible Chaos Scroll 60%
• Golden Hammer 50%
• Scroll for Armor ATT 15%
• Scroll for Armor Magic ATT 15%

PART 6 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Magical Christmas Stockings image


1. Double-click on the Magical Stockings to place them in the Item Pot.
2. Feed the stockings with items or equipment around your character level to make them fall asleep.
3. After 30 minutes, they’ll be turned into Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Gifts!

Can be obtained through: Santa’s Shinning Box, Rudolph’s Shinning Box, monsters around level range



• Nut Coin
• Rudolph’s Red Nose
• Rudolph’s Red Nose Bandage 60%
• Strong Nose Bandage 30%
• Mysterious Nose Bandage 30%
• Lv. 1 Merry Christmas
• Power Elixir
• Ginger Man Cookie
• Ginger Lady Cookie
• Chaos Scroll 60%


Free daily Christmas outfit

EFH Attendance

This event is valid from 3/12/2014 to 16/12/2014.

Requirement: Level 33 and above.

image Complete the attendance by killing 150 monsters around your level range.

Final reward: new damage skin


What to do with E-U-N-W-O-L Alphabets

These E-U-N-W-O-L alphabets are taking up my ETC space! UGH, I’ve been wondering what those are for too.

This is what I heard: If you get 50 of the alphabets, you’ll be able to change them into 50 spell traces. When, Where, How? I got some info from the official website.

For Cassiopeia server, it will happen on 6.12.2014 (Saturday) at 3.45PM-4.45PM


1. Before the start of the event, the GameMaster (GM) will announce the location of the map to gather at.
Locate the GM in order to be able to register for the event participation.
2. Once you arrive at the gathering map and are ready to register, simply type “[Your IGN] Ready for Eunwol!”
on the “To All” chat and wait for GM’s reply.
As there may be a lot of players participating in the event, kindly take note that in such situations selection of
players will be done on a random basis.

3. Please ensure you have prepared all the required alphabets with the correct quantity to be traded in.
4. If the GM replies with “[IGN] READY!”, this means you have successfully registered. Wait for any further
instructions/actions from the GM.
5. When you are called out by the GM, standby to be sent into the event map – Maple Park to meet the event
character to trade your alphabets.
6. Once the trading is done, your character will be sent to Pantheon – Great Temple Interior.

Spring Bunny Events

These events are valid from 12.11.2014 to 16.12.2014.

spring bunny events

Complete all the tasks and receive a medal!


1. Spring Bunny Homecoming Event

Event Invite Timing: Every 14th and 39th minute, from 6am to 12am, daily

Task: Eliminate the Spaceship and the Giant Bunny.

Command: Left Shift Key – Attack, Up and Down key – Move

Attempts available: 10

2. Grain Storage Raid

Event Invite Timing: Every 8th and 27th minute, from 6am to 12am, daily

Task: Prevent the rats from stealing the grain.

Command: Ctrl Key – Attack, Shift Key – upgrade your arrows (3 upgrades)

Attempts available: 10

maplestory 2014-11-13 12-31-00-101

Don’t forget to claim your rewards before exiting the map!

3. Mission Rice Cake

Quest Initiation: [Thanksgiving Event] Mission Rice Cake

** You can keep repeating this quest.

Collect these ingredients from monsters to complete the quest.

moon bunny etc

You can exchange things from the Spring Bunny coin shop using Spring Bunny Coins.

moon bunny npc coin shop

Nov-Dec ’14 Events + Hot Time

Burning Time doubles the spawn rate of Elite Monsters.
Fever Time increases the success rate of Spell Traces


Source: http://maple.asiasoftsea.com/events/


Don’t miss the 3x HOT TIME! Make sure you have an empty USE slot to receive the Gift Box!

1. Saturday, 22nd November 2014, 5.30pm

In the box:

• 1 Mysterious Storm Growth Potion
• 1 Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon
• 100x Spell Trace
• 30 Nut Coin
• 1 [Permanent] Genie Mount Coupon

2. Saturday, 6th December 2014, 5.30pm

In the box:

• 1 Fox’s Gratitude
• 1 Character Slot Expansion Coupon
• 100x Spell Trace
• 30 Nut Coin

3. Saturday, 20th December 2014, 5.30pm

In the box:

• 1 Rudi’s Hat Gift Box
• 1 Rudi’s Outfit Gift Box
• Rudolph’s Red Nose
• Use Tab 8 Slot Coupon
• 100x Spell Trace
• 1 Mysterious Roasted Chestnut Coin

U & I Update Summary

To be very honest, I don’t know much about the U & I Patch and I really don’t have time to do all those research.

These summary photos are taken from MisterBlurry Facebook Page.

The photos pretty much sum up all the changes in the patch.

**HOWEVER, these info might not be 100% accurate.

10801643_302393763297456_4375579833948961561_n 10624778_302382999965199_4439408816569683197_n 1454955_302373549966144_8023232558359864564_n 10698616_302345666635599_2946762416869439010_n 10431524_302337959969703_6541357936389588459_n 10599460_302081279995371_6144450858730826565_n 10421416_301952756674890_828306454489425927_n 10371925_301823590021140_8873063977076687762_n


Murgoth Dungeon

This event is available from 29/10/2014 to 25/11/2014.

Level requirement: level 75 and above.

1. Click on the star icon to receive the quest [Murgoth Dunegon] Beauty and the Beast.

2. You will be transported to a map with 2 NPC.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-39-25-568

3. Keep receiving quests from the 2 NPC and complete them by just clicking ‘YES’.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-40-59-046

4. You will be given a (Use)Murr Murr’s Summon Scroll after you finished the tutorial.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-48-300

5. Double click on the scroll to go to the dungeon and start the game!

(You can either play in 3 v 3 party mode or 1 v 1 mode.) I prefer one-to-0ne 🙂 more fun.

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-03-04-316 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-44-31-312

*Please read the highlighted part.


1. Defeat all the monsters in the map and move on to the next map. (there’s a mini map on the left of your screen, do not go back to the same map you’ve already been)

2. Once you’ve cleared all the monsters in the map, watch out for the treasure chest at the bottom lane, use normal attack to break the chest and you might get a soul shard. (you don’t have to pick it up yourself) Whoever obtain all 3 soul shards first will win the game.

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-07-55-568

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-08-21-434

3. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you will still get rewards 🙂

If you lose, defeat Lil Murr Murr to get rewards.

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-27-48-154

If you win, break the treasure chest to get rewards.

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-35-06-692

YES, it is that simple ._.

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-35-24-270

Rewards from the dungeon are all TRADABLE. Eg. Transformation statue for each job, Awakening stamp, Carved silver seal, Golden hammer 50%, Equip enhancement scroll, Advanced equip enhancement scroll, Potential scroll, Advanced potential scroll, Power elixir, All cure potion and many more 🙂

Other than that, you can also exchange items from Murr Murr using the points you’ve collected from the mini game you played.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-42-37-095 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-05-268 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-42-57-631 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-42-44-634 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-42-43-093

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-42-39-824 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-20-662 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-19-379 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-15-317 maplestory 2014-10-29 22-43-09-308

Pretty fun event, I LOVE IT!

The Nut Event

This event is available from 29/10/2014 to 24/1/2015.


1. Click star icon to begin the quest.

2. Hunt Nut Coins from monsters near your level. (available from 29th October to 11th November 2014.)maplestory 2014-10-29 22-36-24-287 Obtain Nut Case image from monsters starting 12th November 2014 to 24th January 2015. These boxes give random rewards. ( You can only get a maximum of 30 coins per day from these boxes.)


What can I do with these coins?

A: Exchange stuff from Roasty the Nut Coin Shop (can be found in town)

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-24-12-801 maplestory 2014-10-29 23-23-23-994 maplestory 2014-10-29 23-23-16-225